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Unified communication is a methodology that unifies separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience. Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing, and Web collaboration, in one interface, with “presence” notification to indicate your availability to participate.

A finger swipe lets you move between tablet, smartphone, or desktop phones, while One Number Service lets calls follow you to whatever device you select – whether office, home, or fishing lodge – completely transparent to your caller. And unified communications can be integrated or embedded into your business process software.

Our Collaborations

WebEx Services

WebEx brought online meetings to regular people. We had a long time to get it right before the knockoffs showed up.


VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet.

Audio & Video Conferencing

We are providing the conferencing solutions to help them meet their needs while staying within the budget.

CISCO Spark Services

Different Cisco Spark capabilities, devices, and subscriptions are available depending on where you’re located.

Skype Services

The Skype you know and love has a fresh new design and a ton of new features to help you stay connected.

Cisco UCaaS Solutions

UCaaS delivers the benefits without the associated complexity of deploying and maintaining the technology.

How can our solutions help you?

These are the several solutions given below:

  • Allow you to easily connect, communicate and collaborate worldwide over video, web or audio conferencing.
  • Radically improve customer experience and end-user loyalty using omnichannel cloud contact center solutions.
  • By unifying conferencing and leveraging SIP for IP telephony and video calling you can improve efficiency.
  • Seamlessly improve collaboration and productivity across audio, web or video, while at the same time boosting productivity across your customer’s infrastructures.

Strategy development

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You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Strategic plan development

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Research beyond the business plan

Unified Communications reduces costs in many ways, including transferring mobile device traffic from the cellular network to the WLAN (when in WLAN range), further reducing service provider charges by enabling use of more efficient network transport such as SIP trunking  and intelligent call routing, reduced travel costs and time replacing in-person meetings with Web collaboration , and by minimizing or even eliminating the human latency that arises from unsuccessful contact attempts.

Not necessarily. Some “legacy” PBX solutions, such as Unify’s OpenScape Enterprise, centralize the voice and UC server platform to enable UC capabilities, including mobility, provided there is desktop internet access. This approach is ideal for organizations migrating or evolving gradually to a full IP-based solution. By the way: IP and UC are distinct technologies – just because a phone systems is IP-based does not necessarily mean it is UC-enabled.

Great question! With some capabilities such as Web collaboration and video conferencing, yes, non-subscribers can participate in your Unified Communications session. For others such as presence, the answer is “no.”

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