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A Switching sequence management plan may be configured for automatic transfer of bus loads on double-ended bus configurations thus replacing the step-by-step method of switching for double-ended bus configurations that require manual bus load transfer.

The switching sequence builder contains a list of switching devices and time of execution for circuit breakers, load disconnects, and ground disconnects.

Before any switching sequence simulation is executed, the application verifies whether the sequence is compliant with safety switching procedures and requests confirmation during execution simulation of each step before proceeding to the next step in order to avoid inadvertent switching.

Types of Switches

LAN Access Switches
Industrial Ethernet
Data Center Switches
Virtual Networking
LAN Digital
Building Switches
Small Business Switches

Switching Management Solutions

  • User-friendly switching plan builder
  • Point & click selection of switching device from the one-line diagrams
  • Graphical display of selected switching devices
  • Multi-level switching request approval
  • Assignment of user-definable & interlock logic per each switching device
  • Checking of selected switching plans against forbidden or potentially hazardous actions
  • Unlimited switching plans each with an unlimited number of switching actions

Strategy development

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Strategic plan development

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Switching Management Companies

t’s crucial to think about the issues you’re having with your current management company. If you are simply unhappy with your agent, but are comfortable with the back office services the rest of the company provides, it is possible to switch agents within your management company.

The board will do most of the legwork during the selection process. Shareholders and owners generally don’t have a say in the new management company or agent, so its up to the board to act in their best interest to find a good match to ensure that the building won’t experience a repeat of the old problems.

Switching management companies can take one to three months (or longer) depending on the circumstances. Generally, the outgoing agent will provide a list of transfer materials and the incoming agent will sign off on it.

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