Hardware Infrastructure Services


Hardware Infrastructure Services

A full range of services for complete IT System integration, Consultation services including planning, design, deployment, optimization & Management.

Carrying out OEM specific Hardware management back-to-back services or third-party Hardware management services on Core data or network/security hardware, managing multiple OEMs, vendors, service providers at a time.

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What Hardware is Deployed?

he first step in the Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) process is to understand what hardware is deployed in your IT environment. This is obviously critical for managing hardware throughout the asset lifecycle—you have to know what is deployed and where those devices are located. This visibility allows organizations to keep track of hardware devices and know when they are missing, which can pose a security risk. Accurate hardware data can also be used to update the Fixed Asset Register to help finance departments properly value and depreciate assets for tax purposes.

Accurate hardware inventory data is also critical to managing software assets, since many of today’s complex software licensing models are based on the underlying hardware characteristics, such as the number and type of processors or cores.


We Normalized Inventory for Servers provides both agent-based and agentless technology to collect physical (Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®—including Ubuntu support, UNIX®, and MAC OS X® platforms) and virtual machine (VM) inventory of datacenter server hardware and software across the IT estate.

We Normalized Inventory for Servers provides out-of-the-box integration to many existing IT systems, including configuration management, discovery and inventory tools.

The Application Recognition Library is used to scrub raw inventory data and provide a normalized list of installed software per device. It contains recognition rules to identify software— including publisher, title, version, and edition.

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