FatPipe Technologies (FT), a division of FatPipe Networks, has been in the forefront of providing global customer’s solutions that ensure highly optimized Wide Area and Local Area Networks. These high-end solutions are provided through a combination of leading-edge innovative hardware and software solutions that ensure customers have world-class networks.

FatPipe group of companies includes FatPipe Networks, FatPipe Technologies (FT), Back Office Xtensions (BOX). The group’s worldwide expertise is available for implementing projects worldwide through FatPipe’s 700+ technology partners worldwide.

FatPipe has over 1,500 customers worldwide and they represent customers that demand best of Breed Technology and solutions along with a degree of security that moves beyond the ordinary.

These customers include government entities, such as The US Supreme Court, US Army, FBI, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the US Armed Forces Southern Command; over 100 US cities, counties and police departments, global hospitality chains, including Four Seasons Hotel Group, Marriott, Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotels; large Indian companies, including EID Parry, BHEL, Wheels India, Adani, and many others across the spectrum of industry.

FatPipe technologies recruit staff for various projects directly. We urge you to speak with us directly and we will be happy to review your resume and advice you on your best options. WE DO NOT USE THIRD PARTY RECRUITERS AND WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES FOR RECRUITMENT.

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Networking Services

  • WAN Management and Security
  • Network and Systems Integration
  • Network Monitoring Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Customized Software
  • Application Development
  • ERP Solutions



The technology age is prominently marked with innovations in every sphere of business and life with the aid of incessant advancements in technology. The traditional world has given way to a complete cyber domain where the Internet or Wide Area Networks (WANs) play a key role. Most businesses rely on technology and automated systems to a great extent to efficiently continue business operations. Disruptions caused due to any type of technological snag might cause severe loss in finance and productivity.

FatPipe Network Monitor is a unique addition to the FatPipe family of products. Network Monitor is a solution for management of network devices, such as routers, switches, servers and applications that run on them. Health and status of a network can be monitored and reported in real-time, as well as in user-scheduled reports.

FatPipe Technologies is leading provider of integrated solutions to design, upgrade and expansion of any business. Our solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving productivity by providing high availability and high performance.

FatPipe builds computing systems for businesses by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. We build a world class, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf software to meet key business goals and customized implementations that may require original programming or manufacture of unique components.

FatPipe's strengths:

  •  FatPipe is one of the leading vendors for WAN link load balancing and has very good WAN path control capabilities
  •  FatPipe supports comprehensive application identification, classification and control capabilities
  •  FatPipe offers detailed network visibility and reporting capabilities
  •  The FatPipe solution is relatively easy to operate, as all functions are integrated onto one platform, and managed with a single high level user interface
  •  FatPipe has a good range of commonly used WAN optimization features, including substantial storage for caching

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